Podcast Series

ABA Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section, through its Government Law Committee chaired by Jill Mariani, and in partnership with Thomson Reuters, is presenting a 10 part podcast series on Disaster Preparedness and Response that will air throughout the year.  Two podcasts will be general themed podcasts; 2 podcasts will air before each of the four upcoming TIPS live CLE programs that will discuss specific topics either featured in or related to programs presented at the Fall, Mid-Year, Spring and Annual Meetings of the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section:

Disaster Awareness: What the ABA Is Doing About It - ABA President Steve Zack details the myriad of ways the ABA is providing assistance to the legal community in the wake of mass disasterwhether caused by acts of domestic or international terrorism, acts of naturor negligent acts. In addition, TIPS Chair-elect Randy Aliment outlines the components of his year-long initiative designed to bring disaster awareness to a heightened level.  Click here to listen.

Cyber Security - Terrorism, Crime, and Hostile States - Professor Jeffrey Addicott, the Director and founder of the Center for Law on Terrorism, at St. Mary's University, School of Law, in San Antonio, Texas, discusses the emerging trends in the different forms of cyber attacks that our nation may experience.  Professor Addicott will also be a panelist at the TIPS Fall meeting at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle Washington on October 13, 2011 as part of a three hour CLE on “Homeland Security 10 Years Later – How Innovation and Technology Have changed  the Approach to Homeless Security Since the 9/11 Attack,” part of TIPS Chair Randy Aliment's  year-long initiative designed to bring disaster awareness to a heightened level.  Click here to listen.

Cyber Liability Insurance -Tracey Vispoli, Senior Vice President at the Chubb Group and Chubb's Global Manager for Cyber Security, discusses what cyber security means and how cyber security is necessary for any company's disaster and recovery plan. Tracey also explains the insurance industry's role in mitigating cyber risks. Cyber terrorism will be the subject of the TIPS Fall meeting on October 13, 2011, at the Fairmont Hotel in Seattle, Washington, part of TIPS Chair Randy Aliment's year-long initiative designed to bring disaster awareness to a heightened level.  Click here to listen.

Disaster Planning and Response: How Emergencies Challenge the Ethics and Continuation of Your Practice”? - ABA President William Robinson, III reminds the legal community of their ethical obligation to have a disaster plan and details the many resources the ABA has available to assist them in that effort. In addition, TIPS Chair Randy Aliment recaps the diverse programs presented in the first three months of his year-long Initiative on Disaster Preparedness and Response designed and provides highlights of the programs to be presented at the ABA Mid-year Meeting in New Orleans.  Click here to listen. 

The Consequences of Disasters Caused by Negligent Acts - Renowned plaintiffs' attorney Allan Kanner reflects back on his 30 years of legal practice, from the early days in Philadelphia, working on Three Mile Island and Love Canal, through his transition to New Orleans where he has continued to be involved in some of the largest cases, including Katrina and the BP oil spill cases. He discusses lessons learned, the contributions he has made to the development of tort law in this country, as well some consequences to and advice for companies to prevent disasters caused by negligent acts. His podcast concludes by discussing the upcoming ABA Mid-year Meeting in New Orleans where he will be participating in a CLE panel focused on Disasters Caused by Negligent Acts.   Click here to listen.

Continuing the Business of the Supreme Court: When the Unthinkable Happens - Norman J. Ornstein, a Political Scientist and Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, and one of the authors of the Continuity of the Supreme Court Report, and James C. Duff, the President and CEO of the Freedom Forum, a former Administrative Assistant to Chief Justice Rehnquist, and until recently, the Director of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, discuss the preservation of the Supreme Court in the aftermath of a terrorist attack or other form of mass disaster.  Click here to listen.

Preparing your employees to cope with DISASTER -- Emily Fortmen, the Director of Preparedness and Community Engagement for the American Red Cross at the Western Washington chapters, based in Seattle Washington, provides practical information on how employers can assist employees to prepare for and respond to any emergency.  Click here to listen.

Adhering to the Rule of Law in a Pandemic Emergency -- Wendy Mariner, Utley Professor of Health Law, Bioethics & Human Rights at Boston University School of Public Health, and Professor of Law, Boston University School of Law, explains the need for a public health and educational approach to preparedness and response to a pandemic emergency.  Click here to listen.

Foreign and Domestic Acts of Terrorism -- Sal Lifrieri, CEO and President of Protective Countermeasures & Consulting, Inc. and the former Director of Security and Intelligence Operations for the Office of Emergency Management for the City of New York under former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, describes how the counter-terrorism activities in New York City were organized and outlines the current risks we face from domestic and foreign acts of terrorism and how to be prepared.  Click here to listen.

Search Dogs: Some Heroes Have Four Paws -- Wilma Melville, the founder of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, provides insight to the selection and training of those magnificent animals that rescue victims of disasters, whether the disaster is caused by the hand of man or act of nature.  Click here to listen.