Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force Report Released

The federal government's Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force released its report this week.  The Report is a comprehensive look at how federal, state, and local governments can come together and rebuild from disasters like Sandy.  The Report includes a Fact Sheet showing the progress today and the Report itself, which spans 200 pages.  The Executive Summary describes the goals of the Report, including establishing guidelines for the investment of the Federal funds made available for recovery and sets the region on the path to being built back smarter and stronger with several outcomes in mind:
  • Aligning this funding with local rebuilding visions.
  • Cutting red tape and getting assistance to families, businesses, and communities efficiently and effectively, with maximum accountability.
  • Coordinating the efforts of the Federal, State, and local governments and ensuring a regionwide approach to rebuilding.
  • Ensuring the region is rebuilt in a way that makes it more resilient – that is, better able to withstand future storms and other risks posed by a changing climate.
The Task Force recommentations include: 
  • Promoting Resilient Rebuilding, Based on Current and Future Risk, Through Innovative Ideas;
  • Ensuring a Regionally Coordinated, Resilient Approach to Infrastructure Investment;
  • Providing Families Safe, Affordable Housing Options and Protecting Homeowners;
  • Supporting Small Businesses and Revitalizing Local Economies;
  • Addressing Insurance Challenges, Understanding, and Accessibility; and
  • Building Local Governments’Capacity to Plan for Long-Term Rebuilding and Prepare for Future Disasters.
This Task Force Report is a giant step forward in coordinating federal, state, and local disaster mitigation and recovery plans.  Please make it part of your required reading.