Friday, May 25, 2012

Early Tropical Storms for 2012

Simultaneous tropical storms in the Atlantic and Pacific preceded the start of hurricane season for 2012.  What does this all mean for potential disasters and disaster preparedness and response?  News reports are saying that these storms are mild (if you are in them I suspect you have a different view) and that the 2012 season will be normal.  Does that make us complacient, especially in the Northeast?  What can we do to be prepared for the hurricane season and to recover if our community receives a direct hit?

Some of the links below (bottom left) will help you find resources to prepare and recover from natural and other disasters.  The Disaster Initiative programming put on during 2011-12 by the ABA's Tort, Trial and Insurance Practice Section (see the bottom right side) provides great insight into preparing for hurricanes and pointers for responding and recovering from natural and other disasters. 

The bottom line is have a plan, be prepared, and listen to what the forecasters and local authorities are telling you.  Have a safe hurricane season.  For more information on the TIPS Disaster Intitiative and programming, please click here.

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