Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FEMA Head Urges Use of Private Sector

Yesterday, at the International Disaster Conference & Expo in New Orleans, FEMA Administrator, Craig Fugate, told the audience that the government needs to stop thinking it can handle all aspects of a disaster and make sure the private sector is included in disaster planning and response.  His remarks are summarized in the linked article, click here.

Administrator Fugate's public/private partnership idea fits neatly with what the ABA's Tort, Trial & Insurance Practice Section has been doing with its Disaster Preparedness and Response Initiative throughout the 2011-2012 year.  Coincidentally, TIPS' next Disaster Initiative program will be in New Orleans on February 3, with two expert panels on disasters caused by acts of negligence.  Click here for details.

The public/private partnership for addressing disasters makes perfect sense.  Many business groups have disaster initiatives (see our links below on the bottom of this Blog page), as do many professional associations like the ABA.  FEMA and the government are skilled in certain aspects of disaster preparedness and response, while the private sector resources are skilled in areas where the government may not have the resources.  Protocols need to be established at the local, regional, state, and national level for both public and private cooperation in responding to disasters.

What are some of your ideas for doing this?  Who has seen this work and how did it work?  Let's have your comments.

For more information about the TIPS Disaster Initiative and to attend our programs or access our materials, please click here.

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