Friday, July 15, 2011

Cyberterrorism In The News

Cyberterrorism is in the news (click title for access to the NY Times article). The Pentagon has released a strategy for military operations in cyberspace. In releasing the strategy, the defense department disclosed that in March, a foreign intelligence service hacked into the computer system of a corporate contractor and obtained 24,000 Pentagon files during a single intrusion. The new strategy calls for looking for potential hackers on the Internet rather than waiting for an intruder to attack. Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn disclosed that in the past, crucial files stolen from defense and industry data networks have included plans for missile tracking systems, satellite navigation devices, surveillance drones and top-of-the-line jet fighters. TIPS ABA Disaster Preparedness Initiative’s Fall Meeting in Seattle on October 12, 2011, linked here, hosted by incoming TIPS Chair Randy Aliment, is devoted to cyberterrorism and the threats to our nation posed by such terrorism. Please sign up and plan on joining three excellent panels discussing this topic.

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